Mary Cullen (Pennington) Servodidio is a Kentucky girl with a heart for the whole world. She's as loyal and true as they come, wearing her soul on her sleeve. As the middle child of five kids, she has a fierce love for her family. Mary Cullen's two greatest loves in life are her husband Dave and her wolf-child, Bruce “The Boss” Bear Servodidio. 


Mary Cullen has a contagious energy that is transformative. It's impossible not to crack a smile, or more likely, a solid belly laugh when you're with her. Fifteen times out of ten, that’s the reason why people are drawn to her.


She's bold, she's a dreamer, and she has a steadfast faith. She's a friend to everyone, truly one of a kind. When you have Mary Cullen on your side, you're unstoppable. She's someone you want and need in your life.

Mary Cullen is pursuing her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. People are her passion. She is a warrior, and her compassion combined with her experiences will make her one heck of a counselor. 


She loves to share her life, her wisdom and her heart. She’s a newfound fitness and health QUEEN, a cross-stitcher, and a charismatic intellectual. Her inner actress gives her an awe-inspiring flair for life. Mary Cullen is an accountability partner, a counselor, and an unparalleled encourager.


Best friends forever. Love ya, MEAN IT.

We're two best friends, soul sisters really, with similar journeys but very different perspectives. We know the value of a solid support system--that's what led us to create (en)courage. This isn’t a lifestyle blog, it’s a life blog. We're sharing what we’ve learned so far throughout the constant transitions of our 20’s. (en)courage is here to lift you up, to be a rock for you to stand on while you navigate this crazy thing called life, to help you find your strength, give you the support you need, quell your fears

and encourage your dreams.

Christina Ellen Morris Irvin is a listener, a lover, a life-long friender. Long term relationships are her jam. Her two greatest loves in life are her husband, Eric, and her

pup-pup, a one-eyed, blind, Boston Terrier named Popeye. She has a bleeding heart that would wrap every single misfit or misunderstood being into her arms if she could. She dreams of finding a box of abandoned puppies on the side of the road that she can rescue, nurture, and re-home.


She is a daughter and a sister. Raised by strong individuals who created a strong, independent woman in Christina. She is intensely loyal to her friends and her family.


She is a creator, a dreamer, a songwriter, and a doer.

She loves setting intentions, meditating, connecting with her husband, traveling the world, embracing adventure, training her pup, reading books for book club, and researching ways to live her best life. 


She is also a believer in God, people, and a bigger purpose. This belief has made her the ultimate encourager. She champions every person she meets because she believes that each person possesses the potential for greatness.


She is my best friend, one of the weirdest people I know, and I am so proud to have her walking beside me in life.

I love you forever, Christina!


We couldn't write our own bios. So we wrote each others. 

Enjoy, y'all. 

Mary Cullen