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Everything you want is on the other side of fear...

August 2, 2017

This statement rings so true for me.  I've walked up to my "fear fence" countless times, and turned back around. Telling myself it was too high to jump over, too sturdy to knock down, too deep to go under. I call it a fence, not a wall, because in my mind I see a *thing* that has stopped me from following dream after dream, but it's not blocking my view. I can see what's on the other side through the chain-link. Time after time I've let out a big sigh, I've mourned my loss, and I've walked away.



This time - I'm not. I can literally feel the anxiety welling up in my lungs as I type this. But I hone in on my breathing, and I push through. I have things to say, people to connect with, a future to explore.


And I'm here for it.


So, welcome to my "nails-on-a-chalkboard." I don't promise things to be perfect and pretty, I don't live on Unicorn Lane or Rainbow Island. I do promise vulnerability, growth, experience, heartache, success, failure, and everything in between. This is my honest representation of what it's like to be in my shoes - as a woman with big dreams, foggy (at best) mental health, a determination to build a life I love, and a desire to make a difference.


Oh, and by the way, my name is Christina. Many people call me Bean.  I am a wife, a dog mama, an aspiring content developer/writer, and co-founder of a creative services business with my multi-talented husband. I have 8 million ideas for 8 million adventures, businesses, travels, future plans, you name it. I hope you join me on this journey, I hope you connect with me on some visceral level and I hope my words do something for you. Maybe they open a door, maybe they help clear your vision, maybe they give you the strength to knock down YOUR fear fence. I'm here for it. I'm here for you. Welcome and thanks for reading.


Love ya, mean it. -- Christina



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