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January 23, 2019

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What happens when you let the $h!t roll...

August 7, 2017

Spoiler: I don’t suggest it…


After an incredible two days visiting my parents in Annapolis, I expected my week to be as blissful and sunshine-y as my weekend was. Nope! Read those cards wrong!



I started Monday on the wrong foot -  I slept in rather late and missed out on my morning goals (AM meditation and workout). I KNEW I had a busy week and that my mornings would be the only time to get some “me time”  in, yet I chose sleep over my sanity.



Normally, when I make this mistake (and it’s a lot more often than I’d like to admit,) I go to the gym after work and make up for it. Unfortunately, and rather unusually for us, all of my weeknights were fully loaded. Which meant, not only did I feel heavy guilt for sabotaging my goals but there was also no way I could make up for it that day. I pushed everything to Tuesday morning, which meant shifting even more goals because I was now a day off.

What I couldn’t move, I squeezed in and did a poor job because I wasn’t giving it my all.

This pattern carried on throughout my week. I felt overwhelmed and behind at work, I kept oversleeping and missing workouts, and my nights were so overloaded that I never took the time to regroup and realign so that I could put a stop to the chaos.


The week ended with my car overheating and being taken to two different service centers, only to find out that it’s probably time to replace her.  Like the cherry on top of a chaos sundae, you can now see the remnants of my epic stress all over my face because - HEY BREAKOUT.


After letting utter chaos rule my week for far too long, I decided that my weekend would be a whole lot of putting me first, doing what I needed to do to feel better, clearing the negative energy out and trying to get rooted in a place of happiness and security instead of anxiety and stress.


I think the moral of this story is, friends, prioritize yourself. Even though I was crazy busy last week and everything seemed to throw me off, I could have put a stop to it by getting myself rooted in a place where I could mentally and emotionally handle the chaos better. All I needed to do was take 15 minutes to tune in, see what was throwing me off balance, and realign myself so I felt GOOD, not off my game.


Know what you need to get you back in action and DO IT. Take a bath, read a book, have a solo dance party, cry it out, or go snuggle some kittens at a shelter. Prioritize your needs, this life we have feels a whole lot better when you do!


No matter what, don’t let the $h!t roll - it stinks.


Love ya, mean it -- Christina


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