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January 23, 2019

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Bring Back Love

September 5, 2017

Dave and I drove to Virginia this weekend to celebrate his parents’ 30th anniversary with the whole Servo crew in the mountains. As we were driving through the rain on Friday night, Dave put on one of our favorite songs by Ace Enders + A Million Different People - "Bring Back Love". It starts with:


By the year 2020

I want to look at what we did

So we can stand up all together

'Cause we put an end to it

And there'll be no more pointless fighting

No more money running it


We'll bring back love

We'll bring back love

Bring back love again


I remember when I first heard this song as I was bopping around Nashville with Dave in 2009, I felt for sure that this would be the case. That surely, by 2020, we would've, all of us, collectively been able to bring back love.


But here we are, closing in on the second half of 2017, and I often find myself asking "where is the love?". How are racial tensions higher than I've ever experienced in my life? How is this still a world where people can't feel safe being exactly who they are? I am truly baffled by the fact that millions of people live in fear for their lives due to the color of their skin, the person they walk down the street holding hands with, the religion they choose to practice...


It seems we have collectively suffered extreme memory loss. Time and time again, we encounter tragedy in this country, we unite and take action, and then we go back to our lives as if we were never locked arm in arm, hand and hand with our neighbors of all shapes and sizes.


Hurricane Harvey has come and done some work in Texas. People have been displaced, lives have been lost, and things will never again be as they once were. I fear that we will all too soon forget that there were people of all races, genders, sexual orientation, and political party helping literally scoop people out of the water in Texas and bringing them to safety. We will soon forget that at the end of the day all anyone really needs is a warm embrace, a warm meal, and a warm place to sleep at night. We will forget that in spite of our differences, we are all people that yearn to be loved and that thrive when we are giving our love.




We shouldn’t need natural disasters and unspeakable tragedies to keep teaching us the same lesson we keep learning over and over. I, for one, am tired of getting smacked in the face with reality. So with that, I challenge you all, and certainly myself, to bring back the love. 

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