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January 23, 2019

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Do Not Disturb

September 25, 2017


As most of you know, I’m in a Master’s program. I have class four nights a week, and every night of class, I put my phone and watch on Do Not Disturb. It’s a no brainer, right? I’m in school learning how to counsel people, so I better listen up and learn as much as possible.


Dave and I also try to go to church once a week (shout out to Legacy Nashville - if you’re looking for a church or just want to come hang with us for a Sunday, I’ll save you a seat!). I have a church I love, with insanely good music, and sermons guaranteed to strike a chord, but when I’m there, I refuse to put my phone on Do Not Disturb.


After checking the 10th notification on my watch during worship yesterday, it hit me. I would rather be distracted by my friend’s fitness updates than allow myself to be fully and intentionally in tune with God. It seems easier to be distracted than to encounter the Truth.


That’s overwhelming! If I can give class my undivided attention, then I should certainly be able to give God that, too. Because trust me y'all, if He’s not getting my everything in church, He’s not getting it any other time throughout the week.


But also, wow. If I’m giving God the short end of the stick, who and what else in my life is getting the short end of the stick?


Dave gets the short end of the stick when I come home and choose to look at my phone while we are debriefing our days. My sisters get shafted when I throw the phone on speaker so I can troll social media. Bruce gets less than my best when he brings a toy to play with me and I push him away because the show I’m watching or the textbook I’m reading is “way more important”.



My professor always says to “Be where your feet are planted.” So simple, but so good! Can you imagine what would happen if we all started practicing that? I have a feeling if we worked on being wholly and completely where our feet are planted and put all the extra noise on Do Not Disturb - things would change. We would be better friends, spouses, siblings, and children. I’m going to start working on this -- I hope you’ll join!

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