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January 23, 2019

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Invest In...?

September 28, 2017

Quick Answer: YOURSELF.


Eric and I have a dry erase board hanging on our brick wall. It sits across from our couch, hanging next to our front door. The lists that live on that board come and go, but “create your adventure” is written very permanently across the bottom.


Creating our adventure has been, and still is, a process. One of the hardest things I’ve had to learn on this bumpy road is that. I, Christina Irvin, am worth it.

Discovering this has manifested in several ways.

My self compassion and esteem have gone up...

but so has my spending.

Wait what? What does how much money I spend have to do with anything?


Well, it doesn’t, necessarily. But investing in Y O U R S E L F has everything to do with anything. Investing time, money, energy, into YOU is what makes you capable of creating your own adventure.


I used to be so scared we’d run out of money that I wouldn’t spend an extra penny. I would sacrifice my sanity, literally would be in *my deep, dark hole* and choose not to go to therapy when I really needed it, because I just couldn’t fork over the fee. I operated in the “I’m broke” mindset, and by proxy so did my husband. But we weren’t broke. We aren’t broke. And investing in ourselves is only going to help us financially in the long run.

Whoever said, “money can’t buy happiness” is correct, but they did forget to mention that sometimes the pursuit of happiness CAN cost something,

and that’s ok.

In order for me to be my best, I need to do yoga. I’m not disciplined enough to dive deep into my practice on my own, so that means I need to take classes. Did I jump into an unlimited yoga pass that will make my heart and my wallet bleed? No. I budgeted and decided that one yoga class per week wouldn't break the bank. It costs me around 1.5 lunches. I choose to be diligent about bringing food to work so I can take my weekly yoga class. In the meantime, until I can afford an unlimited pass, I’ll invest some time into improving my self-discipline by practicing at home as much as possible. I also budget for Casey, the cute red-head, pictured above. Going to the barn costs money, but the happiness and peace that fills my soul when I'm there, is absolutely priceless. Understanding the VALUE associated with my wellbeing allows me to do what is necessary to be my best self. 


You don’t have to put a ton of $$$ into your growth, but you do need to start ALLOWING yourself to put time, energy and money into Y O U.

I never did because I didn’t think I had earned it, or deserved it. But I do. YOU DO.


It’s time to stop denying yourself happiness and growth based on the fear that you won’t be able to provide. You are smart. You can make smart financial decisions while investing in yourself, your education, your wellness - whatever it is you need. A happier, healthier version of you can create new, bigger, and better opportunities. 


Invest in yourself. I double dog dare ya.


Love ya, Mean it - Christina 



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