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January 23, 2019

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Life on Repeat

October 10, 2017

I decided that if I’m going to write blogs about things and challenge people to do them, I’m going to really commit to trying to live those things out. So, over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on living a “Do Not Disturb” styled life.


First of all, I’m shocked at how easy it has been to make this shift. It’s not hard to make a change when you see instant benefits – more conversation, more laughter, and a whole lot more fun.


Another result of this new approach, is that I’ve had more time to think, worry, and pray. What shocked me about this is that I found myself thinking, worrying, and praying about the same things I’ve been working through for years.



Wow. My life is on repeat. 


At first, I was frustrated by this. It seemed so annoying that my personal battles are the same they’ve been for over a decade. It didn’t take me long to start feeling defeated, powerless, and a bit overwhelmed.


But then I realized – most, if not all, of my hurdles come from what sometimes feels like a complete lack of innate balance.


That’s when things really started getting good. Yes, my issues may appear to be the same they’ve always been--BUT, I am not the same.


I’m not the same because my perspective has shifted. I no longer accept that because I’m not a naturally balanced person that that’s how I have to live. I have grown to know that I am more than my genetic makeup and predispositions.


I’m never going to be a Type A, organized person. I’m likely never going to be a perfectly zen, peaceful person. If that’s you, great, but that’s not what my balance looks like. My balance looks like sometimes having ice cream for dinner and sleeping in until 10:00am. It looks like having so much fun hanging with my family that I accidentally forget to submit assignments for school. Other times it looks like setting fitness goals and not just meeting them but crushing them. It even looks like jumping in to lead a lecture for my sick professor because for the first time ever I’m truly investing in my education and soaking up new knowledge like a sponge.


I am grateful for perspective. I am blessed to work through the same things in my life because it provides me the gift of experiencing and embracing my growth first hand.


So, today my challenge is for you to recognize your growth and celebrate it. Do not spend time lamenting the repetition of these battles.  Because it’s this repetition that presents opportunities to shift your perspective, to try out a new resiliency tactic, and to figure out how to be your absolute best self.  

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