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Hook, Line and Sinker.

October 17, 2017

Confession: I love the Kardashians. I don’t watch the show, but I follow them on social media. I just love ‘em.



Second confession: Click bait gets me - ALL. THE. TIME.


So you can imagine, my love for the Kardashians combined with being utterly powerless against click bait turns out to be a very distracting hobby.


Following suit with the aforementioned circumstance, the other day I clicked on a an US Weekly or E! News article that said “Khloe Kardashian reveals baby bump…” I mean - the mystery surrounding Khloe and Kylie’s pregnancies is killing me (though it feels very intrusive, honestly) so how could I not?


I ignored all of the text in the article because all I wanted to see was a cute little baby bump. I scrolled and scrolled until I saw the picture.

And then I got MAD.

There was Khloe, strolling along the street in some skinny jeans with a cute shirt tucked in and the flattest belly I have ever seen. I wasn’t mad because I still have to wait to see a baby bump, I was mad because how on earth is that supposed to make women feel?


Even if she is pregnant, she is tiny with no visible bump whatsoever. The headline clearly states “Khloe Kardashian reveals baby bump.” They are calling her tiny, flat little belly that probably still has a 6 pack, a baby bump.


How are our younger girls, and our newly preggo mama’s or even women in general supposed to navigate the treacherous waters of self-worth and self-esteem when they are saying a woman, who does not look pregnant at all, has a baby bump?


Maybe with a strong squint, and a heavy amount of imagination, you might be able to see a slight curve to her belly.

But you know what that could be?

Some bloating, a Chipotle burrito, the actual pants?

And sure, it’s click bait. It’s meant to catch our attention, appeal to the mass curiosity surrounding celebrities, and pull us in so that these media outlets can profit. But somewhere out there is a little girl who doesn’t understand that yet, or some new mama who isn’t aware of how terribly misleading media is. Now their perspectives and ideas of what being a woman, and a pregnant woman, is going to be skewed. When they are anything outside the narrow lines of what they see in the media, they are going to feel unworthy. That sucks.


So what is there to do? I’m not quite sure. I’m definitely going to stop clicking on click bait! I think the only solution to this mess is to change the future narrative. So, flood your feeds with reality and positivity. Let people know that there is no normal, and that everyone has their own unique experience. Spread love so loudly that you drown out the nonsense and the noise. Make sure the people in your life, young and old, know how loved and valued they are. I think that’s a really good start.


- Love ya, Mean it, Christina

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