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January 23, 2019

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Me too

October 23, 2017

There’s been quite the response to the “me too” social media movement. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a movement that actually began a decade ago. It is for anyone, male or female, who has been a victim of sexual harassment or sexual abuse. This movement reignited a week ago. In 24 hours, Facebook reported that 4.7 million people around the world shared a “me too”. More than 45% of people in the United States are friends with someone who posted. 


Last week, like many others, I couldn’t find my voice. It seemed that maybe my stories weren’t real enough to share. Because maybe it was my fault that when I went to visit a “friend” at his apartment he thought it was okay to greet me with no clothes on. And since I didn’t learn from that experience, when I went to a new “friend’s” dorm room in college so he could play me a song on his guitar, maybe it was my fault that he decided to push me onto the ground and get on top of me. 


But then I realized. Yes. Me too. 


I remember sharing these stories with my little sister as cautionary tales. I told her how happy I was these things had happened to me so that I could help her or my future children learn from my experiences.  


But therein lies the problem. I shouldn’t have to teach my children that there are people out there who will reduce them to nothing more than a physical object. 


So, thank you to everyone who shared. For validating that I should not feel shame, that my story matters, and that I am not alone. It is through your sharing that I have now found my voice and more importantly, a fierce desire for change. 


Please know that you are heard, and that you are so very loved. I hope we never have to endure these things again. But if we do, know that I stand with you arm in arm ready for this battle. We will not back down. We will not cower to evil. We will reign victorious because these misguided people have nothing on our hope, love, and resilience. 

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