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November 16, 2017

Have you ever had a moment where you realize life is taking a turn down some back alley and you’re like “woah, how in the world did I end up here? Life was NOT supposed to look like this!”???


Totally been there.


Or maybe you’ve just signed up for healthcare for 2018 and your wallet spontaneously combusted and you’re trying to stay calm?


Also been there.


No matter where you are right now, whether it be in the middle of a full blown anxiety attack about your purpose in life, or if you are just wondering how in the world you’re going to make things work financially - I have the answer. I swear.




Yea girl. I said it! You have to surrender.  


You have to surrender who, what and where you THINK you are supposed to be. Once you do that, all those layers of pretense, expectation and stress will start melting away. What’s left will be a trust and understanding that you are E X A C T L Y where you need to be.


Now, I’m about to get spiritual up in here. You are cared for. You are being looked after. You HAVE a purpose ALREADY. You don’t need to be searching for it, because your life, right where it is - has meaning.


When you let go of trying to force yourself into a life that wasn’t built for you, God can really start moving and working for you and with you. Once you understand that there is a place and purpose for every experience in your life, all that pent-up anxiety about whether or not you are doing the RIGHT things to get you where you need to go will disappear and be replaced with trust and perspective.


I’m not trying to push religion on you, if you want to know about my life and my spiritual journey PLEASE let me know, I would love to tell you! I AM trying to let you in on a little secret though. Your life may seem like all the pieces are scattered around and flipped over and ALL THE CORNER PIECES ARE GONE - but is still part of a puzzle.

Every piece has it’s place.

The person you are right now, is exactly who you’re supposed to be RIGHT NOW. The job you have, the salary you have, the friends you have. They’re all there for a reason. Maybe it’s to teach you to have a better understanding of your WORTH. Maybe it’s to teach you how to be a great friend, or how to let someone go.


I’ve had many experiences in my life that caused anguish and anxiety because I was desperately pushing and pulling my life in the direction I thought it was supposed to go. When something didn’t work out, I’d be distraught. Now, when I look back on those times I can see the exact service each experience provided me - what lessons I learned and how I would not be who I am today without them.


The trick is being able to recognize the lessons in the ups and downs as they happen, so the roller coaster doesn’t jostle you quite so much. That is where surrendering comes in. You have to trust that your best interest is being kept in mind, and that on the other side of this is growth, and maturity and knowledge.


So friends, surrender. When the going gets tough, surrender. When you’re wallet is on fire, surrender. You, exactly you, already have a purpose in this world.  TRUST.  Because of this, you can KNOW that you are a smart, capable, VALUABLE person who can THRIVE.




Love ya, mean it - Christina





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