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January 23, 2019

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Not Your Average Gift Guide

December 17, 2017

This gift guide is on the late side but we’re putting a slight twist on things. Better late than never, right? Besides, I know I'm not the only last minute shopper out there...


I try to keep a running list of gift ideas for my friends and family for birthdays and holiday. But every year, I call my mom in a huff and ask “Do you know what [insert family member name here] might like for Christmas?” You can only get your Dad the same aftershave for so many years.


Well here is a list that can surely spark the perfect gift idea to switch things up, or excite that friend or family member that already has everything!


Quality time. Call your best friend, SO, parent or sibling and book some quality time with them for 2018. Instead of gifts this year, Eric and I are writing letters and planning a secret date for each other! This is helping keep our budget in control, but also allowing us to spend intentional time with each other during the craziness of the holiday season.



That ONE thing your friend really wants but won’t buy for themselves. If you need to, pool together with a group of friends and makes someone’s dream gift happen this year! Within your means of course. They deserve it don’t they?



Favorite food. Send them a gift card or surprise them with some Postmates when you know they’re home and in need of a little friendship. If you’re in the same city, make plans and then surprise them with having reservations at their fave food joint! 



A photo book. Not gonna lie, I love these more than picture frames because I can tuck them away with the rest of my books BUT I get SO much more out of flipping through the pages. Places like chatbooks and Walgreens make it super easy, and pretty cheap! Walgreens even does same or next day pick up...woopwoooop! 



An accountability partner/group. Has your group of friends been talking about doing something...and then not? Make a festive, and fun plan for 2018. Volunteer to herd the cats and be the organizer of a hiking club, book club, or spa day!





Snail mail. It is seriously underrated. All of your loved ones will be thrilled to get some kind, thoughtful words this holiday season.



Handmade/homemade goodies. Do you have an amazing cookie recipe? Are you a closet cross-stitcher or a secret watercolor master? Send someone something you made just for them. 


Phone calls. Maybe it sounds rudimentary, but when was the last time you picked up the phone? This is less of a traditional gift and more of a New Years resolution. But if you only talk to Grandma once a year, maybe make an effort to call once a month instead (baby steps). I guarantee she will view her extra phone time with you as a gift! 


Do some good. Find out what their favorite charity or cause is, and make a donation in their honor or schedule some time to volunteer together around the holidays. 





Oh, and don’t forget to get yourself a gift this season. How about a regular self care routine? Level up and make it a gift you can share by scheduling regular self-care festivities with your besties. Think beyond face masks and wine so that you and your crew can really prioritize yourselves in the new year! 



Happy Gifting!


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