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Pick a Word..NOT Just Any Word.

January 18, 2018



 It’s mid-January. Many of you may be feeling the fallout of choosing overly ambitious new year’s resolutions, some of you may have even given up already or maybe you forgot to start. If you are going strong on week three, I salute you.


I addressed my frustration with #NewYearNewMe in another blog, however I’ve decided to continue my evangelical series on new years resolutions.


Do you ever wonder why year after year, you see people flooding the gym in January and by March it’s back down to its normal population?


Have you noticed that the produce supply at your grocery store is nonexistent im the first few weeks of the new year, only to be back to normal a few weeks later?

Resolutions - well - goals in general, can be hard to hold onto.

I am an overly ambitious goal setter. I like to set a bunch of them, and make them too intense. Apparently, I love to set myself up for failure. Guess how many of my resolutions I accomplished last year? ONE. And it was reading a book a month. Still a great feat for many, but that was my easiest resolution. I love reading and that was more of a #treatyoself goal.


A few years ago, to help me combat my penchant for torturing myself with difficult goals,  I adopted this practice. It’s not groundbreaking, you have probably heard of it before BUT...


Instead of resolutions, or maybe in partnership with your resolutions, I want you to...

Pick a word.

Any word.

Well...not any word. Think about it pretty hard first.


You want to choose something that can apply to all your goals.  Believe it or not, the goals you set for yourself have common threads. You may have to dig but there IS some kind of overarching theme.


Try something for me. Imagine a gift. One that rattles with surprises when you shake it, and is wrapped in gorgeous paper. Your goals are the contents inside, and the word you choose is the packaging. You can’t get to your goals without first addressing how they are packaged. The packaging is a NECESSARY thing to hold your goals together? Get it??


Last year my word was consistency. I chose it because my goals were overall about prioritizing myself. I wanted to FINALLY accomplish all the things I’d pushed to the side for years.


I can hear you saying, but Christina - you JUST said you only completed one of your resolutions.


Well that’s the beauty of choosing a word, and no it’s not an excuse to give up on your goals. It's less about crossing every t, and dotting every i. It gives you room to let life happen, and more often than not life doesn't quite run in the same circles as your goals. 


About 3 months into my consistent workouts and clean living, I did lose weight. But then I plateaued. And I stayed at that plateau for the REST OF THE YEAR. No matter WHAT I did, how I changed my diet or how hard I worked out - nada. So right there, I lost control of my goal. While I did lose some, which was fabulous, it wasn’t the target I was aiming for.


BUT because my word for the year was consistency, I FINALLY developed a consistent workout schedule after years of starting and stopping. I consistently ate well after years of going back and forth, bingeing and dieting. The scale might have stopped going down, but my discipline and strength went up.

It was still a huge win.

Set your goals, your resolutions, your whatevers. But choose a word, or mantra, too. Take away the high stakes aspect of your goal setting, the one that makes you feel terrible when goals aren’t met. Your word can give wings to your goals in ways you didn’t know were possible.


If you want to be more forgiving of yourself, maybe pick the word Forgive or Gentle.

If you want to establish routine, try Consistency - it worked fabulously for me.

If you want to meet your goals with intensity and purpose, choose something like “Fierce” or “Fearless”


Regardless of the word you choose, make sure it empowers you.


And if you’ve already said “so long, suckers!” to your resolutions, or if 2018 started out in a weird place and you haven’t had time to think about it - it’s not too late. You can still kick booty this year, I know it.


Let us know what your word for 2018 is!!


Love ya, mean it - Christina


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