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January 23, 2019

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Hello, there! Long time no see...

October 25, 2018

Hey friends. Remember me? I'm dusting off the ol' writing cobwebs with a little update on what’s happened since we’ve been away.

First - apologies for the drop off. We didn’t mean to disappear! Life - ya know? Good news is that we are human, phew!  We can’t always control how much of ourselves we have to give - sometimes it’s all, sometimes it’s nada.


I absolutely love sharing my life on here, and encouraging others. But when life shifted and I left my full time job,  I struggled to balance my new, dream “job” with literally everything else. Plus, I felt like I didn’t have much to say anymore and started to panic about coming up with good “content.” That is really the opposite of why we started (en)courage, so I stepped back and took the pressure off myself.


So, now, with the pressure relieved and the desire to share restored - I’ll give you a speedy life update!



I’m about 9 months into working with Eric full time, and a little over a year of owning a business with him. Although, technically now we own TWO different video production businesses!

Quick Thoughts:

  • I love it.

  • I enjoy being humbled and finding growth opportunities.

  • I enjoy proving myself, though most of the time I’m proving myself - to myself! (self-doubter, over here!)

  • I enjoy looking at obstacles as a wall I can climb, rather than a roadblock. (this is new for me)

  • I thrive as an “ideas” person, and struggle a little at executing those ideas. But I’m also starting to understand that not all ideas actually need to be executed, and that being an ideas factory is my greatest strength. (thanks, Human Design!)

  • I’m practicing going one step at a time. I want to learn and get better at LITERALLY everything but I tend to overwhelm myself with this internal pressure and stay stuck. Focusing on one new thing at a time is helping.

  • Working with Eric and owning a business is better than I could have ever imagined. He has almost TOO much grace with me, and we’re always growing - but the whole experience is truly wonderful.

  • Dream life is very real, but can also be hard. And that is OKAY.

  • Grace is important. So is perseverance, diligence, focus and hard work. Sometimes I have those on lock, sometimes I don’t, but again - grace is important!

  • I will never go back to a life where naps are not part of my daily schedule. TRY to force me, I dare ya.. I think my most favorite new skill is always finding a way to sneak in a quick (or not so quick) snooze!

Other things I’ve been up to since I’ve been away:


We launched our second video production brand. We’ve been busy since it’s official launch in May, so we’re really now just getting started to building it and I’M SO PUMPED.


Eric and I took our first multi-week vacation-ish to Europe, specifically Portugal. It has been a dream of mine to do this for a very long time and I’m still astounded that we ACTUALLY did it.


While we were in Portugal, we workshopped with some amazing creative entrepreneurs and it was life-giving in SO many ways! (shout out to Study Abroad Workshops & Kristin Sweeting!)


We’ve also had some lows.


Both Eric and I had some important, wonderful people pass away. We lost our four-legged friend, Casey, and we both had a lot of trying personal growth moments.


But I love the ride. I really love the ups, and I really appreciate the downs. While yes, the life I’ve dreamt of is unfolding right in front of me - there are always going to be spots that feel gritty and not so great. But, those moments are opportunities for growth. They provide contrast and perspective, and an opportunity to go inward for a moment. I can use those moments to figure out how my current situation isn’t serving me and look at how to expand to an even better space.


I think we forget that all these people online, myself included, preaching about their #dreamlife are not immune to the trials that life always brings. It’s not all roses, and I think it’s time we start being more transparent about EVERYTHING involved in building a life we love - including the sticky stuff.


Eric has really been encouraging me to use the mantra “everything works in your favor” and I find it SO comforting in every season that we’ve experienced so far. And the seasons can change real fast over here. When I’m nervous because we have a big pitch out, or just generally feeling foggy and anxious - taking a pause, saying those words and checking in with myself gives me confidence when I need it, peace when I need it and everything in between.


So that’s the update. We appreciate your patience, support and love! Stay tuned for more, hopefully soon. And if there is anything in particular you’d like me to write about - please let me know!


Love ya, mean it, 

- Christina


photo cred: Kristin Sweeting (she super rocks!)


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