January 23, 2019

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January 23, 2019

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Drumroll Please...

January 23, 2019


Hello and happy 2019!


I know I’m almost a month late, but…that's ok!


I hope all of you had a lovely end to your year, and an equally as lovely start to the new one! 


Last January I wrote a post about how I choose a word each year instead of focusing on true resolutions.


While, yes, I still have goals I want to accomplish for 2019 - keeping a word as my focus throughout the year really helps cultivate my overall growth.


It’s one of my favorite things to do, and I’m so excited to talk about my word for 2019.


So without further adieu… (Drumroll, please!)




My word for 2019 is:


And no that wasn’t a typo. 

I don’t mean “inspire.”


If I did choose inspire, which is a wonderful and valid choice,  it would mean my focus for the year would be outward, directed towards other people.


It would mean that I would dedicate 365 days to inspiring others. That sounds like a lot of pressure, if you ask me! 


This year, I want to be looking inward


I want to be curating each moment so that I am constantly INSPIRED by life. I want to be in awe of every second of this year. Will that happen? Surely not. But it’s what I’m going for. 

Shoot for the stars, right?


So this means I’ll spend 2019 seeking constant, unfiltered inspiration. From small moments, to great, big dream-making moments, from seconds to minutes, hours to days. 


It also means that I’ll have to really take a look at my life and determine what is serving me, and what isn’t. It means saying "HECK YES!!" to the things that excite me, but always thinking them through before I do so. It means saying "NO" to the things that stress me out, make my heart sink or feel like an “obligation.” It means I have to cut loose any leftover baggage I carry around, and I'll have to do some consistent work on my emotional and mental health. 


I’ve actually had this word picked out since early December. I’ve been looking forward to officially putting it into play, because I truly believe it will cause a lot of necessary shifts in my life. In fact, I’ve already seen some impressive changes in my mindset.


I’m excited to *try* to be in love with every moment, not because every second is #dreamlife (it isn't), but because I am actively focusing and tuning into the inspiration and beauty each moment has to offer. Reframing what I would normally deem as the inevitable “bad” moments, and choose to be inspired by them instead.


Can that even happen? 

I really think so. 

Maybe it sounds crazy, but I’m pumped.


I have never been so intentionally honed in on my life. I am usually so focused on the future - stressing about the whats and whens and the hows of it all. But that has never served me well. So why not try something new, right?


So goodbye to that mess - and hello to worry free excitement of what comes next. Hello to possibilities without anxiety. And hello to being inspired by it all!


What’s your word, this year?? 


Love ya, mean it

- Christina




To help me stay focused on my word, I had my awesome cousin-in-love, Erin O'Neil, from It's On My List  make a MyIntent bracelet with "Inspired" on it. She's making these bracelets to help fund her book, "Gui Ren." Erin writes, "Gui Ren is a written Chinese phrase that encompasses people coming into your life with synchronicity to help guide you through challenges and adversity. It represents meaningful and impactful connections on a global scale."


Her book is all about her travels through Asia, and the incredible people she met along the way. It will be released summer 2019.  


You should check her projects out, and go ahead and order yourself a bracelet. And if you don't have a word for this year, "Gui Ren" is a great place to start! 



Order a bracelet here!



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